Who We Are

Pets N' Faith is embarking on its maiden voyage this holiday season of 2022. We are a boutique online store that brings together our love of pets and our faith in God. At Pets N' Faith, we tend to affectionately call, our pets, furkids. We believe they make us better people. Our furkids are a source of inspiration, motivation, & comfort. For many of us, our best friends have gotten us through the worst and best of times of our lives, reminding us that they are an embodiment of God's pure love for us.

Our furkids teach us so much about tenderness and caring, which reflects our Heavenly Father’s character and how He cares for us. These family members totally depend on us for their care, protection, and for our love. Every parent knows that our furkids crave our attention and affection. We also should crave love, care, and protection from our Father in Heaven, who willingly gives it to us.